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Nga korero o te Iwi.
* * *  BISHOP MAX MARIU * * *
> Kia kaha koutou. Really good to get emails like this. Just sorry I cant be down there with you all. Ma te Atua koutou e manaaki, Ma Paora koutou e whakakaha.
Heoi ano:
>Takuira Mariu, Sm
* * * KERRY FEILDING * * *
> Hey...Kerry Fielding (84-88) from Sydney just letting you know that you have another Aussie old boy soaking up what you boys are up to in Wellington. Will be back here once a week to read whats been going on. This site is the bomb bro. More photos the better too.
> Also had the waiata song emailed to me by Dion Ngatoa and have spent many showers reliving the Senior A days. Thank you for reconnecting me to those memories!
> Kerry Feilding

* * * *KERRY LEWIS* * * *

> Kia Ora.. Ka mihi atu ki a koe e hoa, me mihi hoki atu ki oku tuakana o Hato Paora, tena koutou, tena koutou, tena koutou katoa.  ...Buzz Abraham forwarded this mail onto me. I'm player coach for our clubs 'social' rugby team. We have two other old boys here also, Buzz's bro George, and Johnny Hohepa. The grade we play brings us into contact with alot of other old boys, most of them are younger than me, but I'm continually banging heads with Derek 'Fiddler" August who plays for another local team here. At least I can say he's older than me, ha ha!!  Great to hear what you guys are doing in Poneke, I wouldn't mind a copy of that song book too if you can email it to me. I see Crawford still hasn't got any smaller, kia ora tuakana!  I'm currently working for the Napier City Council, so if you can you can send info, like song book, etc to my work email which rather than here at home, it would be appreciated. The wife and kids usually hog the pc and phone here, as they do!!!  I'm usually sitting at my desk. My contact phone is 06 8447268 or 0274476507. No reira e hoa, rangatira ma, nga tama tawhito o Parorangi, tu tonu, ora tonu, mana tonu - Paora tino toa!!!

> Kerry Lewis

> Kia ora Bro. Good to hear from you, and being kept in the loop too (in terms of practices, etc). Anyway, we are still working through your song book, with regard to the origins and composers. Kei te tino harikoa te ngakau o taku matua ki te rongo kua hui ngatahi atu koutou o Te Upoko ra ki te waiata nga waiata o to taua kura o Hato Paora. November is a pretty busy time for us. Nov 1 is our regional competitions in Stratford. Nov 29 is when Whanganui moves into take over the paepae from Tuhoe at Te Papa. So, the weekend of Friday 7th to Sunday  9th would probably be the best time to hui with Dad, if you are still contemplating coming up (or December). I have spoken with various Old Boys at home here about what you guys are doing down there, and we're all buzzing. Whaia Te Tika tonu! Looking forward to hooking
up sometime, so until then.... ma te wa...
>Kahurangi Simon
Programme Producer
Ph. (06) 347 1402
Mobile. (025) 686-1034
* * * ROLLY RAURETI* * *
> Nga mihi nui ki a koe e hoa, I just picked up your email address from a vagrant down on Cambridge Terrace and thought I'd drop you a line. I was also given He Pukapuka o nga Waiata o Hato Paora for what use that would be to me I can't sing to save myself. I would like to keep intouch with the Old Boys though and the school news, put me on your mailing list. Heoi ano
>Rolly Raureti
Sector Manager (Seafood Processing, Wholesale
& Retail)
Seafood Industry Training Organisation
p. 04 385 4005
* * * * STEVE HAAMI * * *
Nga mihi o te wa ki a koe e hoa. Katahi ka puta mai nga mahara ki nga tau kua pahure nei.I thought I may be able to shed some light on the years in which some of these waiata were composed. E Whahwa was composed in 1978 or 79. Tena Ra was composed in 1975 (your tuakana or Tata can verify this) That was Uncle Morv's 1st year teaching at the college. E Tama was composed by a kuia 'Aunty Aggie' Nahona in 1976 or 1977 I think?? for the ordinations of Father Jack in Wairoa and Father Max in Little Waihi. Ko toku waea 916-3108 mehemea e pirangi koe ki te korero. Ma te wa
> Kia ora Atawhai
Challenge 2000 - Sounds like you had a wonderful time. You guys must do it again. Will keep Wednesdays in mind, and contact you if I am in Wellington to see if that Wednesday falls on a waiata evening nite. Would be fun to catch up with the boys -still the same faces! He He he! Aroha nui
>Hohepa Campbell
Tumuaki / Principal
Te KKM o Tamaki Nui A Rua
06 374 5858 phone

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> Tena koutou e nga tama tawhito o Hato Paora.
The meeting of a few old boys at Te Kainga has sparked off a flame. It has not gone unnoticed by the current Board of Trustees and Trust Board. The Old Boys connection to the college is an important one.
>It is significant, as when I look around the faces in the web page pictures you have all succeeded in the chosen careers or feilds of interest that are important to you and your whanau.
>Significant, because it signals to the community of Hato Paora and external stakeholders (especially in the political environment of Wellington)of the college that Hato Paora has been a key contributor in the area of Maori education and social development.
>Significant, because your example of collegial spirit is
such an important example for current and recent graduates of Hato Paora. It is this X factor, the special character of the college that defines Hato Paora and its graduates apart from any other secondary education provider.
>Significant also because the pictures and news on your web page are not only filled with business, but with laughter and joy.
>I pray that your sparks will ignite further flames in the
hearts of Hato Paora Old Boys, that your fire and example may influence the rest of the Old Boys around Wellington and beyond.
>Congratulations, and I trust to see and hear some of you sing at the 2003 Prize Giving later on in the year, the leavers dinner and in Chapel.
>Keep singing and laughing, let the fire spread, it's all good.
>Hato Paora, inoi mo matou.
>Danny Karatea-Goddard
Chairman, Board of Trustees, Hato Paora College
Bishops Assistant, Diocese of Palmerston North
> Kia ora Bro, I cannot make it to trainings due to finals this week. I would still love to be involved so if you could pass on any corespondence and even the words to the waiata and then I can turn up whenever I
am available. I remember the tunes but the words are a little blurred. Look forward to catching up.
>Norm Broughton
Corporate Account Manager(BISG)
Canon New Zealand LTD
Mobile: 027 2466854
* * * ROBERT MATO* * *
> Mah Cousin. My apologies for last night. I was there in wairua - My work hours could not allow for being there last night. Have printed out the songs and am practicing as we speak.Good to see the old Wai's. Sounded like the Bomb will make it next Wednesday 4 Sho. Naku noa
>Rob ( Rocco ) MATO
* * *  TREVOR TAURIMA * * *
> Congrats to everyone! Great to know that the Spirit of Paora is ' alive ' in song and body. I note that one of the other activities on the list is Waka Ama. Well, I started
a Waka Ama Roopu here in Heretaunga at the beginning of the year and sited on the Clive River. The Roopu are hosting Waka Ama regatta within the HB Masters Sports over this coming Labour Weekend. There are 40 individual sports on the programme ( marbles not in - yet! ). So if any Old Boys are with Waka Ama Clubs and are interested in this awesome event then give me an email or buzz ( 06 ) 870 1224 or 0274 535 427 and
lets talk. Noho ora mai.
* * * * STEVE SALVATION * * * 
>Sent: Tuesday, 12 August 2003 22:00
Subject: Steve Salvation from Melbouurne
>Kia Ora...I am an old boy of Paora. I live in Melbourne. Tom Hepi, up in Sydney, forwarded your Old Boys Song book and I've Downloaded it, now where can I get a CD with these waiata on it?
>Steve Salvation