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Timetable 5th November 2005

Hato Paora Oldboys, Te Matatini Performance
Father Delaney Presentation
Timetable 5th November 2005
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30 Years of Kapa Haka Tuition at HPC




SATURDAY 5th November 2005




POWHIRI TO ALL WHANAU                                   10am.







FRIDAY          4th November 2005


3.30pm             Nga Kaimahi - arrive at kura

4.00                  Hui in Hall - update

4.30                  Preparation for Weekend

5.30                  Dinner

6.30                  Preparation for weekend

9.00                  Supper – free time


SATURDAY   5th November 2005


  8.30am           Breakfast

  9.30                HP Whanau arrive at Kura – gather out side Ihaka House for whakatau

10.00                            Whakatau  – followed by morning tea and brief update

11.30                Kapa Practices.  Break up into groups:


                        Group 1 - 1975 - 1979 Group 2 - 1980 - 1984 Group 3 - 1985 - 1989

                        Group 4 - 1990 - 1994 Group 5 - 1995 - 1999 Group 6 - 2000 - 2005


·          all groups are to practices at lest 4 action songs from your era, Haka will be a bonus

·          all groups to appoint at least one kaikorero to mihi and give a introduction of your kapa.


1.00 pm            Lunch – BBQ – Whänau Whänui

2.00                  Kapa Practices

3.00                  Free time

4.00                  Help set for up Hakari

5.00                  Whakatau Morvin and Whänau into Gymnasium for Hakari

6.00                  HAKARI – entertainment

6.30                  Memory lane - Power point presentation

7.00                  Kaikorero to introduce each Kapa.


            Kapa 1 through to Kapa 6


9.00                  Presentation to Morvin and Whänau






SUNDAY         5th June 2005


8.30                  Breakfast

9.00                  Whakatika Marae

9.30                  Poroporoaki




Where possible can you please arrange accomodation off site.  I would imagine the majority will be travelling on the day anyway.

For those who have an issue with accomodation then please contact me directly as there will be some beds available at the college

But bearing in mind that the boys will be onsite then beds will be limited.




I have arranged for there to be Morning Tea, Lunch, Dinner at the College.  It will be a pay as you go arrangement so please bring $$$$$ with you.




We will put down a koha for the kura which I will collect on the day.




1)         Whanaungatanga:  The course of the day will allow enough time to mix and mingle at various times.  It is highly likely that we will not only have oldboys in each of the whakatupuranga but also we will have other associated with the kura at those times.  Na reira, he toa takitini tenei e hoa ma.  Naku te rourou, nau te rourou ka oti pai te mahi.


2)         Waiata: Ko tenei te nako o to tātou kaupapa e hoa ma.  This is what we are actually getting together for guys.  I am absolutely certain that there can be no better way to whakanui Morv and Kura then a to do a good job at putting a decent bracket of waiata together for them.  I can already think of a few waiata from our time that I havent heard for quite sometime so while I am not expecting that we will be able to replicate the dizzy heights of perfection that spending every day after school practicing gets you to, I am sure we can sort a half decent effort.


3)         Role Modelling:  Please ensure that we keep in mind the fact that we need to present a positive image to the current boys at college.  To this end I respectfully ask that everyone watches the messages we are portraying to the boys by way of our language and behaviour while at the kura.  Your assistance in this area will be much appreciated e hoa ma.