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No Tolerance of Bullying and Drugs 
10 July, 2003
(Article reprinted courtesy of Paerangi Limited, 2003)

Principal & Hostel Manager
Tihirau Shepherd and Nelson Bradley

Ask Nelson Bradley, hostel manager of Hato Paora College Hostel, about his vision and he'll look you straight in the eye and say, To be the best hostel in NZ, brother!

Bradley, aged 50 and of Ngti Kahungunu descent, was employed at Hato Paora in early 2002. With 10 years-plus experience in mainstream boarding education, his mission was to make sure the adults were in charge and control of the hostel in 18 months.

He believes that, with the support of the Trust Board, his staff, and the principal, it has happened in just 10 months.

The Trust Board, which is responsible for the Hostel, has backed Bradley by ensuring a good staff to pupil ratio - one hostel parent to 35 students - mature staff and appointing a deputy hostel manager.
Bradley understands the key is strong leadership and support. Noble Rameka is my right hand man - if I didnt have him, I couldnt do the job, he says.

Another key ingredient to the success is the development of robust policies and procedures. The school and hostel policies at Hato Paora are complementary, but not the same which has been a bone of contention with ERO.

Both the hostel manager and the principal, Tihirau Shepherd agree that an open and honest working relationship between school and hostel staff is critical.

"Our school and hostel senior management meet every Monday and we talk face to face about student behavior management issues. I talk with Nelson every day. This type of dialogue is necessary to ensure a safe 24 / 7 Kura," says Shepherd.

Neither would say things at Hato Paora are perfect. We run a hostel for 150-plus young Mori teenage boys, so issues always arise, says Bradley. But both believe they have things under control. We have no tolerance of bullying and drug use.

In fact, if a student gets caught with drugs and is removed from site, to return, we demand two mimi tests over time to make sure the student stays clean - one test when they return, and another a month later.

Hato Paora Colleges hostel and school are working together to address issues and both men are very clear that the adults are in charge.

 * * * *

Senior A's 2003

Academic Success a Reality at Hato Paora College
20 June 2003
Last year's NCEA Level 1 results prove that Hato Paora College is making an educational difference for young Maori men. Furthermore, comparisons of results between schools show that the passes achieved by the Maori students at Hato Paora puts many of the bigger, and richer schools to shame!
For example, Government statistics show that in 2002, 85.7% of Hato Paora students who sat the necessary achievement standards, gained a Level 1 NCEA certificate - the new qualification that replaces School Certificate. These school statistics can be compared to the Auckland Grammar (60.8% ), Napier Boys (65.3%) and Hastings Boys (47.3%). Hato Paora did only slightly less well than Wanganui Collegiate (87.3%). (Note that these numbers are for all students who sat NCEA level 1, not just Maori.)
Moreover, in 2001, Hato Paora beat the national average for Maori students who sat NCEA standards and achieved them. Nationally, Maori only passed 58.2% of the achievement standards that they sat: Hato Paora boys however passed 78.7% of the achievement standards that they sat: This in comparison to the percentage of passes of Maori boys at Palmerston North Boys High (69%), St Pats Silverstream (60.3%), Wellington College (58.4%) and Cullinane College (4.1%).
These results are even more impressive when you consider that: (a) Hato Paora doesn't provide the many different options of facilities these bigger schools can; (b) Hato Paora is not as well off as these other schools; and (c) Hato Paora still has large numbers of Maori kids that manyof these other schools wouldn't even dream of enrolling!
Congratulations to Tihirau, Whaea Irene and the team at Hato Paora.
The Old Boys salute you all! 
* * * *

Paora Boys 2003 sing to Coolio

Contact the Hostel Manager, Nelson Bradley on this number: (06) 3289 848

Contact the Principal, Tihirau Shepherd on this number: (06) 3289 731.
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